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Reiki Level 2 Sei He Ki Attunement

Level 2 – Sei He Ki Attunement

Your attunement is complete and is ready to be called in.

There is an audio version of this attunement which I highly recommend when completed all attunements…all levels are different.

This is best done laying down with eyes closed, an eye mask if possible, and headphones.

Here is the process…

I have created the Reiki Level 2 Part 2 attunement via distance method.

I have individually sent you the attunement and it is now floating in your energy (aura) field in the form of a chi ball, where you may open it to receive it.

Please note this attunement can only be received by you, and cannot be passed on to others.


* Settle yourself down in a comfortable position and place where you will not be disturbed for 30 – 45 minutes
*Call in your angels and spirit guides to guide, direct and protect you during this process.

* Call in the white light to surround you and keep you in the highest vibration to receive.

* When you are ready and say out loud or silently:

“I am now ready to open up and receive the ‘Reiki 2 Part 2 Energy Attunement’ being sent to me through distance chi ball method by Riley Ji to receive at the highest rate possible that I can handle.”

Close your eyes. (use your eye mask if available) If you prefer to listen to music as it comes in, we have prepared an angelic recording for you to listen to. Please note that there is a slight binaural beat in the background.

Adjust the sound accordingly.

Now, simply relax and let the attunement take place. You may feel warmth or a light breeze, tingling or numbness. You may feel warmth in the center of the palms of your hands. You may feel a swirling or light-headed sensation, or floating. You may see colors or sense lovely light presences around you. Reiki masters will be in the room with you, assisting you in receiving your attunement to its fullness. Or you may feel nothing at all. Whatever you feel or don’t feel, the attunement will work.

Sometimes blocks will keep a person from feeling the attunement, even though it is fully working and has been received perfectly.

I love to hear feedback about your experiences with an attunement. So if you feel called to share, please do.