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Surviving Spirituality with Reiki Training




Surviving Spirituality

This epic program also includes the Reiki Training Program, consisting of…Over 20 Hours of Video • Over 20 Hours of Audio • Over 40 Downloadable PDFs • 10+ Hours of LIVE Mentor Sessions and Webinars

Reiki I

Level I Covers the Following:

What is Reiki? – Level I Attunement – How Does Reiki Work? – What is Reiki Used For? – How Reiki Can Change Your Life -Reiki History – Reiki Principles – Reiki Levels – Spirit Guides, Angels and Reiki Guides – Chakras – Auras and Energy Bodies – Reiki and Our Psychic Senses – Preparing For a Reiki Session – The Reiki Session – Reiki Sessions and Clients – Reiki for Self-Healing – The Hand Positions (Facing Up) – The Hand Position (Facing Down) – The Hand Positions (On Self) – Reiki FAQ – Attunements – Reiki Level I Resources (Music, Meditations, etc)

Reiki II

Level II Covers the Following:

Incorporating Reiki into Other Healing Modalities • Reiki Level II Attunement • Using Reiki With Physical Illness and Ailments • Reiki and Other Uses – Sacred Symbols – Drawing and Using The Symbols – The Power Symbol – The Backwards Power Symbol – The Mental/Emotional Symbol – The Distance Symbol – Symbols to Prepare Your Space – Symbols to Protect Yourself – Symbols to Enhance the Flow of Reiki Energy – Symbols During a Session – Seated Session Hand Positions – Distance Sessions – Reiki and Addictions – Reiki and Weight Loss – Reiki and Manifesting

Reiki III

Level III Covers the Following:

Reiki Level III Attunement – Usui Master Symbol – Ohm Symbol – Manifesting Symbol – Dumo Symbols – Nin Giz Zida Symbol – Raku Symbol – Tamasurra Symbol – Midas Star Symbol – Motor Zanon Symbol – Zonar Symbol – Halu Symbol – Harth Symbol – Rama Symbol – Gnosa Symbol – Kriya Symbol – Iava Symbol – Shanti Symbol – Antahkarana Symbol – Antahkarana Female – Antahkarana Male – Usui Master Symbol (Alternate Versions) – Reiki Moving Meditations – Level III Resources (Meditations, Music)