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Reiki – Angelic Reiki – Karuna Ki Reiki – Reiki Energetics – La Ho Chi


Reiki I, II, III

Reiki Master & Teacher

Angelic Reiki



Advanced Chakra Healing

“Last night I did my Level 2 Attunement 1. When I started I felt tingling in my palms and feet. I went into a extremely deep meditation. I don’t know if falling asleep is part of what is supposed to happen? I don’t remember going to sleep I was in meditation with my attunement. My sleep was extremely comfortable and blissful. When I awoke this morning I just feel at peace and enlightened. Along with energized and feeling the need to spread positive vibes and energy to others. I honestly feel like a huge weight was lifted and I’m centered with clarity. Everything has a thin white outline of light. This feeling is amazing.”

“What a fabulous experience. I could immediately see I was being flooded with Green Energy, pouring over me and covering me. I felt as if I was being worked on by many different energies. One energy stood right over me actually casting a shadow on me. Colors swirled around me and I felt my hands tingle and I was very warm with moments of cool breezy feelings. Thank you so much!”

“”An excellent course, the perfect mix of theory, practice and personal experience shared by brilliant teachers. The supporting material is also really useful. I cannot recommend the course enough for anyone interested in learning about reiki or energy work in general.”

Online Training and Certification Includes:

  • Over 20 Hours of Video
  • Over 20 Hours of Audio
  • 35 PDFs
  • Downloadable Manual
  • One on One Mentor Sessions via Phone or Video Chat
  • Live Webinars
  • First 2 Years of RLB Licensing

Reiki Level I, II, III Training, Licensing & Certification

You spend $150 a month getting your eyelashes done, nails done, going out with friends, etc.

Invest $150 in your future.

Whether your intention is to heal yourself or heal others. You have been hearing the calling.  Answer the call.