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Reiki Licensing Board for Reiki Masters and Healers

The Reiki Licensing Board works in collaboration with local health departments and state, federal and private partners and strives to regulate the Reiki and Healing industries to have nationwide standards and regulations. Our goal is to instill confidence in an ever growing industry and to help legitimize the light worker industries across the country.

Need to Become Licensed?

Are you a current Reiki practitioner but do not have certification training? Become Certified today….

Healing Modality Training

Energy work, also known as spiritual healing, addresses the energetic connections between our minds, bodies, and emotions….

Ethics in Energy Work

Practitioners working with subtle energies are careful to use their ability only in a manner beneficial to the client….


RLB Certification in Reiki, Energy Work, Healing Work and Body Work represents the highest attainable credential within the healing and bodywork profession. RLB Certification is an advanced credential separate from entry-level certification.

RLB Certification represents the highest level of commitment to clients and to the advancement of the reiki and healing industry and profession. RLB Certificants must meet higher standards of education, possess a higher level of critical thinking skills, and pass a rigorous set of 3 exams.

RLB is the only certifying body for the Reiki, Healing, Energy Workers and light workers professions backed by the Reiki Association of America. For that reason, RLB’s certification processes are founded upon superior Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice, which all RLB Certificants must adhere to. Like our Certificants, the advancement of the profession and the improvement of client care is our focus.


  • Completion of a Certified Reiki Training Program (or)
  • Passing score on the RLB Certification Exam (75% Passing Score)
  • Verification of legal requirements for practice in your state
  • Agree to uphold RLB Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics